Paulo Rosenbaum

Homeopathy Day

On November 21, the day of Homeopathy in Brazil is celebrated, a date that provides a moment of reflection on the therapy created by Samuel Hahnemann and introduced in Brazil by the doctor Benoit Jules Mure.

In a fictional interview with Dr. Mure, Dr. Paulo Rosenbaum raises some questions that, from his point of view, are important for the current moment of Homeopathy.

Another day of homeopathy in Brazil and it is not difficult to recognize widespread demotivation. But is there any reasonable explanation for it?

Doctor Benoit Jules Mure had many concerns in mind. The expansion of the company’s horizon of action

medicine was one of them. A generous project compatible with the wishes of the society that asked for, and continues to ask for, sharing, dialogue, ethics and solidarity, whatever the medicine used.

To discuss this and other topics we were able to talk to Dr…

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