Paulo Rosenbaum

29.janeiro.2014 17:30:55

Resenha do livro “A Verdade Lançada ao Solo” por Regina Igel

                                                          Throw Truth to the Ground

“Throw Truth to the ground” by Paulo Rosenbaum. Rio de Janeiro: Editora Record, 2010. 

By Regina Igel / University of Maryland, College Park

Translated from the Portuguese by Alex Forman and Regina Igel

There are certain flavors that must be savored slowly to give the tongue a chance to absorb them and time enough to inform the brain about them. Keeping the necessary distance from this parallel reference, this is the case of A Verdade Lançada ao Soloby Paulo Rosenbaum. It is a book that calls for a slow reading, with regular pauses for contemplation, reflection, and meditation in order to enjoy, along with the teachings of rabbi Zult Talb, what the soul is, whether it transmigrates or not, where God can be found, how…

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