If everything has been said, why not shut up? There is a silence to which we are reduced. Is it a symptom? Symptom of what? Sample of resignations that are recycled. Reject induction, atavistic, persistent, corrosive. Hate induction. You can follow or not what everyone says it is. Better to be suspicious. A new era is suspected of surrendering to claustrophobia and commanded by common sense. We no longer see the subtext, which progresses unscathed. That was how intolerances took to the streets.

We are lost, in adulterated terrain. Beyond contempt, we underestimate the diffuse hostility that spreads in the wholesale. Whole demonized categories: immigrants, refugees, the sick, passersby. Evil remains, no longer as a metaphor.

The dispersion, much more than a book title , has succeeded as a reality. Perversion operates under the code of widespread attack and successive sold – out editions of “my struggle” .

So, when I open the testimonial scripts as the only answer, “never again”. Only then do I wonder about its meaning? Will it ever be again? One at any time? Or is it slightly modified repetition that counts? European soil, from Paris to Brussels, may be being revolved by less obvious ashes. Yet it is the same nightmare, the very same and redundant nightmare that crowns the West.

Jews, this ethnicity, race, religion, in any human condition, are again at the center of a battle. No official declaration of war, no ultimatum and no armistice.

But the Jew is also the non-Jew. It is the agnostic and the fanatic, the Islamic and the Buddhist, the convinced and the perplexed, the minority and the mass. And it may turn out to be the fragmentation of torpor that unfolded: from the unconscious to the collective amnesia.

The world, giving up on education, now discriminates, or charges, or confiscates, or kills. The world forgetting its foundations and criteria, doctrine. The examples were fixed as outdated morality. Transcendence migrates to the clash between ideologies, after all, there is always someone operating telemarketing.

Exactly 76 years ago, at the gates of any concentration camp, an unknown soldier saw the unspeakable passivity of the tortured in the crowd. And where is today, the never again? In the boycott of Israel and its citizens? In underreported knife attacks? Inverted headlines? In selective outrage? In moral non-equivalence between different things? In the immorality of oil-subsidized academic consensus? If anyone doubts, just consult, the reality is statistical. Immersed in the new obscure chamber, the precedents were skillfully removed in order to lengthen a path marked by replicating agonies. That, when all we needed were purposeful lives.

The fight is now corporal. Kindness, criminalized by overseers who breathe vengeance. It’s a shame, a double shame: we went down to the predatory stronghold.

Still, and for the penultimate time: never again.