Anti- Zionism is Anti-Semitism 2 – Memory Ticket

“Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil”

Thomas Mann (The Magic Mountain)

The French national assembly after a discussion that lasted more than a decade passed a resolution and decided that anti-Zionism (hatred of Israel) is anti-Semitism. 

“The National Assembly… believes that the operational definition used by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance allows for a more precise designation of what contemporary anti-Semitism is ” , the text of the resolution reads partially:

“He considers it an effective instrument to combat anti-Semitism in its modern and renewed form, as it encompasses expressions of hatred for the State of Israel justified only by its perception as a Jewish collective.” (Times of Israel, 03, 12, 2019)

And it is not difficult to understand why the French did so, and it would be expected that all civilized countries would follow them as an example of respect for civilization and intellectual decency.

Less than 75 years after the end of World War II, the world is witnessing a growing wave of xenophobia. Anti-Semitism has been the fastest growing ethnic prejudice in recent years. Records of attacks against Jews were recorded in 2019. The number of attacks was even much higher than until then considered the height of intolerance, just before the start of the great conflict that ended in 1945. In the USA alone, 2100 violent incidents were reported. 

So I come back to a subject that was the subject of an extensive previous article published here in this same Blog Conto de Notícias . One of the candidates for mayor of one of the largest cities in the world belongs to a party, Psol , whose platform – and not just its members alone – explicitly declares, against all available evidence , that Israel is a state that practices genocide against the Palestinian people.

In addition to the rhetorical exaggeration of the party of the current Psol candidate for the mayor of São Paulo, we quote a statement contained in its platform – “the Bush administration was the one who most ostensibly practiced it, declaring support for Israel and its massacre, saying that Hamas is terrorist ”according to an article taken from the party’s own website in 2018. The truth, however, is that there is a consensus of the international community that after prolonged investigations with civilian and military experts of various nationalities that there is no evidence that there was ” massacre” and that Hamas is a terrorist organization and as such has been classified by the United States, the European Union and most civilized countries.

The party’s website is filled with exhortation to hate and false news, such as the one published in the same vehicle in January 2019, the truth is that comparing the holocaust with alleged carnages committed by the Israeli defense forces with the massacres promoted by the Nazi army, it is well beyond being pathetic. German national socialism and its partners responsible for the systematic policy of extermination inside and outside concentration camps murdered 6 million Jews.

The party in question adopts threatening slogans, vows of hatred and hostility without context or moral equivalence, and a particularly lying provocation:

In another section of the “article” (sic) the truth is once again tortured with slogans such as classifying the Israeli regime as “neo-Nazi” (sic). In this case it is the reality that protests since, contrary to what the party’s scribing militants claim, the legitimacy and support for the State of Israel is growing even in the Arab world and the Israeli army is among the most ethical in the world, according to the archives of the UN itself.

“In Israel, as in Germany in the third Reich, it is a state that can only be sustained on the basis of genocidal and racist militarism.” Here is another anecdote from a party that does not even try to hide its anti – Israel belligerence and, therefore, against all the Jews who found peace and refuge there after the Shoah . And they found protection and welcome not only in that country, but also in places like Brazil, where people are used to living in harmony and mutual acceptance. Peaceful coexistence that seems to disturb the hard core of the association. 

These are just a few examples of irresponsible disinformation, with the potential to incite hate crimes, always under the alibi of support for the Palestinian people and the Manichean argument of generalization. They don’t even blush when they support the Iranian theocratic and homophobic regime and embark on the anti- American psychosis that still haunts a significant portion of the left. It is not selective blindness. It is not naivete. It is at most a perverse modality of Hiroo Onoda syndrome , a soldier of the Japanese imperial army, who until 1974 lived hidden in the jungles of the Philippines without knowing that the war was over. In the case of this party, manipulation and intellectual dishonesty for the purpose of political propaganda is more than evident. 

Although the candidate dodged the inquiries made for him during the campaign, Christians, evangelicals, Jews and all public opinion would be very interested in hearing from the mouth of the candidate who aspires to rule the city in which they live. What does he really think about all this? And it was not for lack of questions or opportunity to offer your answers. It seems, however, that the subject has opted for tacit silence when it comes to manifesting his anti-Israel bias . That is to say, it will only have to pronounce itself – which its party already does with the four winds – only when the electronic ballot boxes are sealed.

Psol’s platform of accusations against the Hebrew State is much more extensive and includes burning the Israeli and US flag (Demonstration in Rio de Janeiro, 2012), threatening to expel members of the party itself who did not follow the anti-Israel booklet , accusing Shimon Peres of “genocide”, in addition to the sequence of baseless accusations as we saw above. All this released unscathed, without the checkers facts have verified the facts, as indeed always happens that the facts do not deny that ideology checkers defend.

Recently, a small group of people who claimed to represent the Jewish community made a video declaring support for this party’s candidate. The problem is that they did it stealthily, implying that they were speaking on behalf of everyone. Controversies arose and responses circulated on social media. But this is just a side effect of something much bigger: the disintegrating power of the rhetoric of political camouflaged hatred.

Fortunately, Jews are constitutively a plural people, in which there are several currents of thought, preferences and even multiple ideologies. It was the accumulative memory of the persecutions, and the almost genetic density that is revealed not only in the psyche, but in the body itself, that has guided the meaning of this survival experience. As the experience is an individual sensation, the sensations – of perseverance and affirmation of identity – end up manifesting in a very particular way in each spirit. And therefore, as Freud observed in relation to the Jews: an admirable resistance associated with the peculiar ability to survive the bad weather.

But even in the midst of so much diversity, there has been at least one aggregating consensus among adherents of the Mosaic tradition: there is, never was, tolerance for intolerance.

Not even with intolerants.

This perception did not come only through reading, culture and even parental education, it emerged from the experience and matured through this experience of six millennia, since such an ancient people have a moral obligation to keep themselves as a living archive. And so, use your memories as self-addressed tickets to the future. These must be read in more acute moments in order to avoid tragedies and to face the vicissitudes of history with courage.

The PSOL , its candidate and employees deserve some thanks, as proved by default, but with all the colors, the claim that anti-Zionism – or hatred of Israel – is, in fact, a vicarious expression of anti-Semitic hatred.

And then , I use the memory note where it is written in bright ink: “we will never let it happen, never again”.