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11 Monday May 2020

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I decided to take advantage of house arrest to develop a chronology of the most relevant facts. It will not be possible to conclude much, but it seems that the use of masks “the portable quarantine”, an opportune expression borrowed from Nelson Asc her , will be that temporary solution that, through a habeas corpus , will make us circulate again.

Since there are those who say that there are no arguments against facts – observing the media it is easy to see that this is not the case – the “raw” facts exposed, show that the information abounds, as well as its interpretations.

Let’s go to these raw facts, here they are:

(Bold characters are on me)

01 September 2017

“The concept of“ original antigenic sin ”was first proposed by Thomas Francis Jr. in 1960. This phenomenon has the potential to rewrite what we understand about how the immune system responds to infections and the mechanics of the implications of how vaccines should be projected. It was demonstrated that the antigenic sin occurs in various infectious diseases in animals and humans, including infection with human influenza and dengue. The basis of “original antigenic sin” requires immune memory and the ability of the immune system to self-correct . In the context of viral infections, it is expected that if we are exposed to a native strain of a pathogen, we will be able to mount a secondary immune response on subsequent exposure to the same pathogen. The “original antigenic sin” does not contradict this well-established immune process, as long as the subsequent infectious antigen is identical to the original. But the “original antigenic sin” implies that when the epitope varies slightly, the immune system depends on the memory of the previous infection, rather than mounting another primary or secondary response to the new epitope , ( the smallest portion of antigen with the potential to generate immune response) which would allow faster and stronger responses . The result is that the immune response may be inadequate against the new strain, because the immune system does not adapt and, instead, depends on your memory to organize a response”. (Source – Article – Abstract published in the Journal Autoimun – Publimed – NIH)

31 December 2019

Groups of cases of pneumonia of unknown origin were reported in Wuhan, province of Hubei , China, reported by the municipal health committee in Wuhan. A new coronavirus was eventually identified (WHO source)

1 January 2020

The WHO issued a statement that there was an incident and triggered the organization’s three levels, putting the organization in an emergency to deal with the outbreak. (WHO source)

(end of January 2020)

President Donald Trump bars all flights from China stating that since mid-December, so six weeks earlier, Chinese authorities knew there was inter-human transmission ) (Source – NYT, WP)

4 January 2020

WHO reported on social media that there was a group of pneumonia cases – no deaths, in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China (WHO source)

5 January 2020

First publication of the WHO disease outbreak on the new virus. It contained the alert and report of what China told the organization about the status of patients and the measures taken by public health teams on cases of pneumonia in Wuhan. (WHO source)

10 January 2020

WHO publishes a package of guidance and technical measures to explain to all countries how to detect, test, and manage potential cases, based on what was known about the virus at that time. (WHO source)

12 January 2020

China publishes Covid 19 genetic sequence (WHO source)

13 January 2020

Officials confirm a case of Covid 19 in Thailand, the first case outside China (WHO source)

14 January 2020

WHO technical leaders hold a press conference stating that transmission between humans can be limited (in the 41 confirmed cases) preferably to people in the same family and that there was a risk of wider outbreaks. (WHO source)

20-21- January 2020

WHO experts from China offices and Pacific region offices make a brief field visit to Wuhan

22 January 2020

The WHO mission says in statements that there is evidence that the transmission of the virus in Wuhan is inter-human, but more research is needed to understand the extent of this transmission. (WHO source)

23 01 2020

Note from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India

At the instance of the Ministry of AYUSH, the government of President Modi, through the Central Council for Research in Homeopathy (CCRH) discussed the ways and means of preventing coronavirus infection at the meeting of its Scientific Council on January 28, 2020. The Expert group suggested that the homeopathic medicine Arsenicum album Ch 30 could be considered a prophylactic medicine against Coronavirus infections, which was also recommended for the prevention of ILI. The Expert Group also suggested that general hygiene measures (such as wearing masks, social distance to prevent airborne infections, suggested by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India), to prevent the disease as well must be followed by the public. It is also recommended to use ayurvedic medicine, in addition to turmeric and other herbal medicines. (Source: Ministry of Health of India- AYUSH)

23 January 2020

The WHO Director-General calls the Emergency Committee to assess whether the outbreak constitutes an emergency that deserves international concern. Independent members are unable to reach a consensus-based on the evidence available at that time. They requested a new call within 10 days, after receiving more information. (Source – WHO)

30 January 2020 ( 29 days later )

The WHO director-general reconvict the Emergency Committee which reached a consensus and reached the conclusion that the outbreak constitutes a public health emergency of interest Mundia l, and the Director-General accepted the recommendation and stated to 2019-nCoV as such. It would be the 6th time since 2005 that this type of alert has been issued. WHO attributes very high risk to China (WHO source)

At the moment, there were already 7818 confirmed cases in the world, the majority in China and 82 cases in 18 other countries.

01 February 2020

“Get the flu, America. The flu (the influenza virus, the source of the common flu) is a greater threat than the coronavirus, for now. ” (Source – Washington Post Health Notebook)

3 February 2020

WHO prepares a Strategic Response Plan to protect States with precarious health systems. ( WHO source)

03 February 2020

India declares State of Emergency (Source The Telegraph )

February 11-12

WHO convenes a Research and Innovation Forum for Covid-19 that brings together more than 400 experts from around the world, which includes Zunyou Wu, a chief epidemiologist in China

February 16-24, 2020

WHO, together with a commission from China with experts from Canada, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Nigeria, Korea, Russia, and the United States, spend time in Beijing and then visit Wuhan and two other cities. Talk to employees, scientists, and health professionals in health facilities ( maintaining social distance ) (WHO source)

21 February 2020

South Korea declares State of Emergency (BBC source)

03 March 2020

Dr Pak-Leung Ho – Head of the Hong Kong Medical Center for Infectious Diseases states in a message on social media that the number of cases in Hong Kong has not skyrocketed as in Iran and Italy due to strict epidemiological surveillance and the universal use of masks by part of the entire population. (source Tweeter @ hkumed )

11 March 2020

Deeply concerned by the alarming levels of severity and spread, and by the alarming levels of inaction, the WHO declares that Covid 19 can be characterized as a pandemic. (WHO source)

13 March 2020

United States declares State of Emergency (BBC source)

March 16, 2020

Brazil declares State of Emergency (BBC source)

16 March 2020

Finland declares State of Emergency (NYT source)

16 March 2020

Germany (Bavaria) declares State of Emergency (Source – DW)

March 16, 2020

Australia declares State of Emergency (The Guardian)

16 March 2020

“China promotes traditional medicine as a ” solution Chinese “to the coronavirus. Not everyone gets on board ”(Source CNN)

Coronavirus: can traditional Chinese medicine help fight the disease? The importance of traditional Chinese medicine ”(Source Deutsche Welle – Caderno Science)

19 March 2020

Israel declares State of Emergency

20 March 2020

NYT columnist Bret Stephens publishes an article in which he states “ It is dangerous to be guided by fear” (NYT source)

22 March 2020

France declares State of Emergency

25 March 2020

Chloroquine can be used in severe cases d the coronavirus. (Source: Ministry of Health of Brazil)

26 March 2020

China closes its borders and does not allow foreigners to enter.

25 March 2020

The UK declares the State of Emergency

31 March 2020

“We are studying this” Dr. Antony Fauci on the use of masks by non-healthcare personnel.

April 1, 2020

Russia declares State of Emergency ( later Putin denies – Reuters source)

April 1, 2020

WHO considers revising guidance on wearing masks (The Guardian)

01 April 2020

The drug used against malaria, hydroxychloroquine helped to speed up the recovery of a small group of patients, say doctors in China.” (NYT source)

03 April 2020

Everyone should wear masks in public (Center for Disease Control and Prevention – Source Live Science)

03 April 2020

The drug Fiver, approved by the FDA, inhibits the replication of SARS-Cov2 in Vitro ” (Source – National Institute of Health)

06 April 2020

WHO says there is no use or need for healthy people to wear masks (source CNN – The Guardian)

06 April 2020

“Social detachment: how to persuade others that it works?” (Source-BBC)

07 April 2020

Wearing masks alone does not prevent healthy people from contracting Covid 19 (The Guardian)

07 April 2020

“Social detachment is controlling Covid 19: now scientists need to understand which measures are most effective” ( Source – Stat )

07 April 2020

For psychologist Jacob Pinheiro Goldberg: “Science without ethics is a crime in dehumanization. The freedom of Being does not admit the “truths” of laboratories since we are not or should not be reduced to guinea pigs in conditional experiments as Nazism and Stalinism intended. This war is fought and the first battle was won by the Virus’s sordidness. Now we need true prophets, ethical scientists and conscientious leaders, an authentic humanist elite to conduct the Good Fight ”(Source Blog Estadão)

09 April 2020

Sweden declares “special laws” to deal with, the outbreak (Source The Local)

09 April 2020

Hydroxycycline will be used as a treatment in the municipal network. (Source – Estadão)

12 April 2020

Petition calling for the resignation of the WHO chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, close to 1 million signatures” (Source Fox News)

15 April 2020

Studies on the impact of the coronavirus on mental status are urgent: according to researchers the effects of the lockdown and the virus itself can be profound and long-lasting, say researchers” (Source – The Guardian)

April 16

Japan declares the State of Emergency

17 April 2020

Luc Montagnier: revelations about the origin of Sars-CoV 2, a marginal Nobel accustomed to controversies. Was it created in a laboratory or not? ” (Source – Pourquoidocteur )

17 April 2020

Why do n’t we know the true death rate for Covid 19 ? (NYT source)

22 April 2020

Spain declares state of emergency

21 April 2020

People who are known to be more at risk for Covid 19

People over 65

People who have been inwards or bedridden for a long time

Immunocompromised people: cancer treatment, smokers, organ transplantation, AIDS patients, prolonged use of corticosteroids, and other conditions of medications that weaken immunity.

Severe obesity (BMI over 40)


People with chronic kidney disease who are on dialysis

People with liver disease

(Source- Center for Disease Control and Prevention USA)

20 April 2020

“Brazilian researchers from FMUSP: Heparin therapy improves Covid 19 hypoxia – case studies” (Source – ResearchGate )

24 April 2020

FDA warns of using Hydroxychloroquine for patients with Covid 19 ″ (Source University of Minnesota)

Caution is needed in the use of chloroquine for the Covid 19 disease ” (Source JAMA)

Hydroxychloroquine and coronavirus: a guide to scientific studies so far: the drug, now a partisan issue – which has become hope, but effectiveness studies are still limited (Source – The Guardian)

29 April 2020

“Hope grows with the drug remdesivir . Despite conflicting results, results from extensive trials show that the antiviral accelerates recovery. And it will be placed as a standard treatment in the United States ”(source – Nature )

30 April 2020

For pathology professor Paulo H. Saldiva : “As for the immune storm, it does occur. That’s what, called a cytokine storm. It occurs in a fraction of patients, with a great activation of the, say, defense, line of defense response. It can cause the damage to be in the desire to eliminate the microorganism, you also eliminate, destroy the tissue. This can be done by extruding enzymes from lymphocytes, macrophages, and neutrophils, but there is also a phenomenon that is called “net”. They are networks of DNA that neutrophils release, a network, like a mesh, like that of the old gladiators. This mesh comes tempered, comes adhered with a lot of proteases. This greatly increases the efficiency of the destruction, while reducing its aim. We are living a huge observational ecological experiment where we cannot interfere with the variables and whose outcome will only be known at the end of the story and unfortunately, we are the beings that are being studied. We are the guinea pigs of that moment . ” (Source Blog Estadão)

01 May 2020

Total blockade policies in Western European countries have no obvious impact on the COVID-19 epidemic ″ – (Source MedRXiV )

02 05 2020

“Treatment with anticoagulant is associated with reduced mortality in patients with severe forms of coronavirus – heparin” (Source – Publimed )

“Anticoagulant medication reduces cell infection by the new coronavirus by 70% (Source – Agência Fapesp)

05 May 2020

Pfizer begins human clinical trials for a possible Coronavirus vaccine. (Source – New York Times)

05 May 2020

Israel and the Netherlands report that they have made progress in combating Covid in antibody tests to treat or prevent infection. (Source – The Guardian)

05 May 2020

The epidemiologist Neil Ferguson, an expert in the strategy that helped shape the strategy for the coronavirus in the United Kingdom and the United States, resigns after breaking the rules lockdown suggested by him and his team. (source The Guardian)

07 May 2020

In a letter, scientists point to pressure for more expensive drugs against hydroxychloroquine. (Source – Gazeta do Povo)

07 May 2020

Race to cure covid-19: there are already 182 drugs and 99 vaccines under test. (Source – Revista Exame)

08 May 2020

The study estimates 4.2 million already infected with coronavirus in Brazil . (Source – Estadão)

08 May 2020

Coronavirus scientists in India: Why celebrating “ successful models ” in dealing with Covid 19 is dangerous. Being and staying vigilant is the only option. The other problem is trying to replicate the same model in states and districts. The epidemiologist Latlit Kant warns against this practice: these models used so far are for specific areas and cannot be replicated. The size – of the intervention – does not fit all. Of course, we can learn from different models “ . (BBC source)

08 May 2020

“Swedish doctor Anders Tegnell maintains that 25% are immune in Stockholm and counters criticism saying that Sweden, which has reached 3 thousand deaths, has already crossed a good part of the way. As head of the fight against the virus, he speaks of the advantage of having part of the population infected. We want to reduce the spread of the virus so as not to overload health systems . And keep society running. We are giving people information, advice, recommendations, as there is a strong trust between Swedes and government agencies. The recommendations have been respected. I do not believe that it is the size of the population that matters, but the trust between the agencies and the population. If you have that, you get a lot. (Estadão source)

09 May 2020

We know everything – and nothing – about the covid . Vitamin D protects against colds and flu, and especially at the end of winter, it is deficient in obese, dark-skinned, and elderly people. The study in Indonesia showed that Covid 19 cases with vitamin D deficiency were 19 times more likely to die than people with adequate levels. The British government took a paternalistic view that we would not be trusted if we were just guided, but decided that we needed to be ordered at the lockdown. ” (Source – The Spectator )

09 May 2020

Sweden is not a miraculous model for the coronavirus. WHO has been generous in praising this pandemic. China, Singapore, and Ireland, all these countries received applause for the way they handled this crisis. Now that the spread of the infection has slowed and draconian lockdown measures are gradually being lifted, WHO is promoting the Swedish way of doing things ” (Source – The Strait Times)

09 May 2020

German intelligence service says China has asked WHO to delay reporting that there will be inter-human transmission of Sars CoV 2 . (Source – Der Spiegel )


Governments could make citizens, through good maieutic technique, start to think for themselves. And, perhaps, come to different, emancipated conclusions, from those that wish to impose on us under the argument of intellectual authority or, worse, under a peremptory scientific discourse, when, in fact, it is neither the consistency nor the rigor that it aspires to.

It is also important to mention some characters, who only after being elected, raise their masks, and assume their autocratic profiles when placing their hand in the cup of the sworn in. And for that very reason, it does not have the confidence of public opinion, vital for cooperation and individual responsibility to happen.

Science advances without linearity, it is the very nature of the method. And it is no longer possible to postpone, it is necessary to accept the empirical component of medicine. Learning from a strategic trial and error is not shameful. It is shameful to accept that someone has all the answers. Imagine inept governments can do anything without the societies, at some point, react in kind.

Abulia will end, as soon as the subjects, those who build the story, notice that the institutions are in the same disorienting measure as everyone.

Draw your own conclusions, but I repeat: the story is just beginning.