Pesach – The Moses crossing IV (imminent liberation)

(dialogue between Moses and Joshua)

– Master is still missing? A gasping Joshua asks while he is going down the mountain to organize the survey of the camp and proceed towards Eretz Israel, the Promised Land, after the people have parked in the desert.

– Forty, Moses answers.

– Forty days?

— Not!

– Months?

– It’s a long way, years, son, forty years son.

– Are you kidding me?

Moses doesn’t stop, he just speeds up and takes a deeper breath.

Q: What about the threats we face? We have already gone through plagues, pharaohs, economists on duty, parties that hope for the worst, non-republican oppositions, crude politics, clueless leaders, opportunists, dissatisfied people.

– How many people are satisfied? What keeps us alive is the right to complain, let’s get going, let’s not give up on bad luck.

– No, no, the motto is what you always proposed Mazal Tov and the joy even in difficulties. But the SAC can no longer stand people at the tent door. What do I say to them oh Great Leader?

“if they just knew, all i wanted was to not have to be the leader of anything”

– Just say we have all the time in the world. See the proportion, in a Multiverse of 15.3 billion years, what are forty years?

– Are you a fan of the Big Bang? Now you are in this general relativization too?

–Every day a kind of humor. My emunah (faith) may be intact, but we have the right and the duty to challenge the Creator. Today, for example, I am a philosopher of uncertainty and a staunch believer in the imponderable.

– Is that they are feeling confined …

–Confined we were before, “we were slaves in Egypt”, remember? It was just now.

– But they do not know what to deal with, what do you advise, master?

– Only the Most High to answer you son. How about taking care of the families themselves, taking care of the garden, milking the flock, getting a good parchment? It is advisable not to read sensational headlines. Without business, the wave is to cultivate leisure, didn’t everyone always complain about work, overtime, the burning out syndrome?

– It is (embarrassment) but it is that the wives are also complaining, a lot of people in the tents, the children without classes, everyone is stuck.

– Look, friend, remember? Straight ahead, we have an entire desert to cross. Calm that will pass. Moses looks with pity at his interlocutor.

— Right!

– Are you envisioning alternative leaders to lead the people?

“Sir, does he still have any idea that the pineapple is going to be his?” Moses thinks.

– No offense, they are worse than others. And Master, no one is questioning your authority

– What a pity, I’m one of those who likes to be put in check, I can’t wait to pass that hot stick (Moses threatens to throw his staff in the sand)

– Don’t get me wrong, but there is a lot of pressure on the camp leaders, the infra personnel, the courts, the governors. They are losing their minds, threatening to arrest, rotate, now they talk about tracking everyone. Even the general commander is lost.

–I knew it. Will they ever understand? That repression was never pedagogical, did they not read Arendt? When does authority appear, authoritarianism appears? Moses looks up. The Most High warned me that they were a difficult people.

– There are people saying that they preferred the Ramses dictatorship.

Q: Do they want the old regime back? I know, guaranteed slavery or your money back.

(violent crashes at the top of the mountain)

– What’s more, they also want to vote on a petition to apologize to Pharaoh. The media is publishing headlines that without slaves the market will sway and that now it would be different, blah blah blah, their propaganda there, you know?

– Look, son, if I hadn’t left your mouth I wouldn’t believe it.

–Is that….

– Go, talk, spill

– I am your faithful servant and

– I don’t want any faithful servant. If there is one thing I learned from this very short leadership, it is that there is no serious loyalty from an ambitious client. I never had a desire to consume – apart from the giant chariot of 30 horses – but if I had one it would be asking people with imagination to face this situation together. I have decided, let’s go back to the advice of elders.

– Sir, sorry for the frankness, but this old age again?

– Elderly, old age, senescence, last season,  call it what you will. Do you remember what the difference was between the Greek and Jewish assemblies?

–Sincerely? Do not.

– In the Greeks, the old people sat farther and farther away from the board of directors, while in the Jews they grew closer and closer.

–Sure master, but they have already contributed, don’t we need fresh blood?

“I prefer trampled blood, you know?”

–I didn’t get Master.

-Never mind. We need the people who have experience, who witnessed the actions that almost made the Empire go bankrupt, it was their strategy that finally showed us a way out of that abyss, or do you think I did it all by myself?

– But the kids are saying that they already had their time, and that now they should be quiet, they’ve done their part, they don’t make that much difference.

(thunder and lightning, some rocks flew away and new party tents were shattered)

-I understand, master I understand. How about proposing a government of national unity? Joshua responds scared.

– With or without self-criticism? Moses laughs.

– It complicates Master, you know, the hard core is closed with ideology. You know, a matter of principle, they cannot and will not show regret, without going to confess guilt.

– Not even those convicts who were released?

– I’m afraid not.

–Oh no, without self-criticism it is not possible!

-Got it.

– I think I’ll go to the Creator again. It seems that none of you understood the meaning of the thing. If newbies did not know how to understand the value of history, what and when will they learn? They will reproduce tomorrows of old mistakes. Was this crossing, where each one was with his family exactly the perfect place to meditate, tailored, was the right time to change that, capiche?

(strong wind followed by a chorus of low voices reminiscent of Paul Johnson and Louis Armstrong singing “Let my people go”)

-But master, there is a mess, lots of people talking at the same time, contradictory things, each one has an opinion. You know, these lives on the net?

-Still well, better this way, in fact, before, only those “all are” types spoke. Now we have a kind of generalized uber to compete with the ordinary media, don’t we?

– That’s it, but the thing is very polarized between right-left that today the politically correct one calls it the “binary thinking”.

–Zero of appreciation for the politically correct. This is a gag in disguise. Have they heard of the middle path?

–Never Master

-If you didn’t hear, you will hear there in the future, a brilliant doctor named Rambam will teach the technique. And stop calling me Master.

-Okay, Moses is right.

-No son!! Avoid this expression. That sentence is getting really bad now.

-Moisés, you are correct.

– Let’s put the formality aside, okay?

– Most certainly Master.

– By heaven!

(thunder with celestial noises and on a clear day, sudden storm)

– Forgiveness, Omnipotent, it was just an outburst, Moses lowers his head to apologize.

– And Chief, there’s one more question.

– Which one? Moses cuts in with a sigh and shakes his head.

– So now they want to end fiscal austerity.

–For heaven’s sake, again, they didn’t see what happened? Do these people think that terror is pedagogical?

– I think so, but between us scaring people can work, right? The people understand orders only on the basis of fright and threat.

-Oh Lord, and what else? Do you have any good news?

– There’s China.

– What about China?

–China, the medicine, not the country.

–We will not touch on this subject now.

– Perfectly boss.

– Only one point, to take this drug there, China (Chinchona Officinalis the origin and raw material of hydroxychloroquine) are consulting the medical staff as I have instructed, right? Or at least using Hahnemann’s advice to use ultra-diluted doses?

– No, Master, there you are. Afraid of pandemonium, they are taking it by self-prescription, at the base of the bottle. The dome of the plateau is already in this wave of China.

“The plague ends, ignorance never”

-By the beards of Abrão, Isaac and Yaacov, Was that the good news?

– No Rav, the good news is that we are coming soon.

– Oh really?

– Look ahead to the hills, can you see the Promised Land? We are very close, Cannaã is here, our quarantine is close to the end and we haven’t even seen time go by.

–Awesome, 40 years in 40 minutes.

Moses embraces Joshua and they sing the song Jerusalem Shel Zahav (Jerusalem of Gold) together

Moses extends the staff to Joshua who picks it up, while he leaves quickly and humming Beethoven’s ninth, imagining himself free.

On his way back to Mount Sinai, and seeing the disciple’s bewilderment, in the distance Moses teased waving a goodbye:

-That’s your Joshua.