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Truth harvested to the ground

Truth launched to the soil

Truth to the ground

Truth burst out to the ground

Truth springing out to the soil

Book I

By the mid of the 19th century, in a Jewish community of Western Europe, the Rabbi, philosopher and poet Zult Talb is restless. He is one of the last members of a lineage of just men who are the keepers of one of the most desired secrets in history:“Devekut”, a rare modified state of awareness where men can feel in their own bodies the energy of God itself. By being able to foresee everything about to happen in Europe, Zult needs his manuscript to reach the hands of the next generations.

Book II

A physician and his patient, decide to leave Brazil to climb a mountain in the Alps during the general thaw in the 21st. Century. After an avalanche, they are caught and remain isolated on the mountain top. In an improvised shelter, they wait for an improbable rescue or for death by freezing. While they wait, they survive discussing the surprises and the sense of life.

Book III

Yan Talb, Zult´s great-great-great grand son is on duty in a hospital caring for a strange case, the most challenging in his entire career. A man brought him a message from the past and this message puts his entire life upside down. He needs to solve the mystery, otherwise he will go crazy. The only answer may be the experience of “devekut”.

(version to english by Rachel Rosemblum)