The indestructible aggregating power of solidarity


Amnesty International’s disturbing anti-Semitic bias

Paulo Rosenbaum

The post-war world generated a radical rearrangement of political forces and a transformation of strategic alliances. Less than 15 years later, the world was surprised by the tensions of the cold war and its repercussions, with new alignments. In the transformations that the world has undergone in these 77 years, one constant has remained disturbingly unscathed. Disturbing, because it was at the root of the beginning of the conflicts, not only as a backdrop, but as a harbinger of times when the preaching of hatred and intolerance was legitimized under the rhetoric of totalitarianism. We imagined, like so many, that from the brutality and extent of the Shoah ‘s tragedy, a conscience emerged by coercion, almost as a necessity, a self-preserving civilizing imposition of humanity that curbed fanaticism and savagery.

The foundation of the State of Israel in 1948 would function as the corollary of this need for peace, and that conflicts could undergo a successful intermediation, under the influence of the culture of non-violence and dialogic in successive approaches. That is to say, Israel would be the living symbol of this conscience that was born under intense pressure.

Unfortunately, this is not what we witnessed.

And developments of this kind have been happening, despite all the attempts and concessions made, despite the advances of the peace agreements that culminated in the historic record of the Oslo negotiations, despite all the attempts at cooperation to create two states, establish a definitive status to disputed regions and solve the refugee problem (read the excellent just-published “The War of Return”) which, incidentally, was never exactly brought to public opinion as a true-to-fact narrative.

There was, moreover, a noxious, well-fueled, and very well-financed engine operating behind the scenes—and above—the diplomatic networks. A gear of sabotage that never ceased, that was never dismantled after the dismantling of the Nazi gang and its well-articulated ideology of a supremacist and anti-Semitic nature, that is to say, anti- Zionsemite .

It is an ideology that continued to operate in hearts and minds initially in the Middle East, but also in European culture, to finally, in the mid-21st century, contaminate and infect the world with a toxicity never seen before.

The explosion of anti-Semitism – under the old and tinged cloak of anti -Zionism – could no longer disguise its segregating nature , and openly inimical to peacemaking tendencies. From denial of the holocaust, to conspiracy theories that indistinctly demonize Jews and Israel in the same proportion, from justificationist jihadism to the unusual union of the extreme right and extreme left xenophobic and/or nationalists, a very dangerous global movement was formed, at this moment particularly obsessed with boycotting the Hebrew state and its inhabitants.

Often, using ploys such as disinformation, slander, going as far as lawlessness as exhorting violence and encouraging terror against Jews worldwide. The most recent was Amnesty International’s report of notorious intellectual dishonesty, using an age-old slogan and accusing the Hebrew state of “ aparhtheid ” (sic). Evidently using the slogan from a bias of ideological orientation where, basically, those who operate the defamation machine have already shown their biased character – if only I could designate a tendency towards justice. But this is no longer just an unacceptable stain on institutions, which weaken as they are dominated by the need for justice, but to obey the agendas and menus of an anachronistic ideology. If neo-Nazism grows, so does its antipodes on the extreme left – whose project of power shares more points than they would like to admit, such as support for tyrannical regimes, control of the press and restriction of individual freedom – and they begin to operate almost together in a broad front of justificationist anti-Semitism .

There was, therefore, an explosion of pent-up hatred and resentments. Hatred that has culminated in hostilities and anti-Semitic narratives spread throughout the world, especially in the old continent, arriving, more recently, in the United States. And the UN itself, which should be the bulwark of equanimity and the cradle of dialogue between peoples and nations – who could have imagined it – has adopted an anti – Israel bias . UNRCH, that entity’s human rights commission, for example, issued 148 resolutions condemning governments around the world, 49% of them against Israel. In recent years of the 123 convictions, 83.7% targeted the Israeli government. Do you suspect? Just look at the numbers: it is self-evidence.

And here, yes, under our eyes, happens the scourge of the repetition of old mistakes. The world’s media have been echoing with shyness and excessive neutrality news that would deserve indignation, outrage, denunciation and energetic positions. They naturally accept aberrations that should be extinct, relegated to historical limbo. It is undeniable that important favorable advances existed in the period, I cite, for example, the Abrahão agreements and a greater flow of intercultural dialogues, however, unfortunately, they do not reach public opinion with the same ease as the vituperation and backbiting insinuations against the Jews. .

Faced with such an adverse context, the great novelty lies in the emergence of courageous and active organizations such as the “ honest reporting ” and “stay with us” among many others. They are institutions like StandwithUs that fight for clarification, discernment and the truth, building the work of elucidation for the general public. And that, at the same time, adopts a democratic and considered conduct, avoiding the partisan posture , including, when necessary, criticizing the positions of Israeli extremists.

It is these institutes and their collaborators that give voice to the denunciations and that rise up against anti-Semitic, that is to say, anti- Zion -Semitic persecutions . And, at the same time, they condemn violence and intolerance, wherever they come from. Campaigns coordinated by various entities, including Standwithu s (stay with us), not only honor the tradition of Yiddish kait (Jewish culture) in defense of a civilizational tradition, but promotes the culture of peace. Culture whose prerogatives are the coexistence of peoples, political and religious freedom, respect for the sacred and its traditions.

The Jewish way of solving problems will always be to shed more light on the issues, as opposed to obscurantism, sensationalism or escalating conflicts. That, even, or especially, when dealing with difficult topics, especially the thorniest. But we will impose a small particularity: light can and must come from understanding, but we will not shirk the right to denounce those who use the information to, when deviating from the dialogue – use slander as a weapon of war in massive propaganda of attrition as just made Amnesty International.

So stay with us, being together is the most eloquent answer to intolerance, and above all an example of the indestructible aggregating power of solidarity.

Shalom _